American Civil War

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Civil War Milestones

Great Sioux Uprising Of 1862

Author:   Big Eagle Date:1894 Annotation: During the summer of 1862, Indian warfare broke out in southern Minnesota that left between 400 and 800 settlers and soldiers dead, and provoked…

The Battle of Fort Sumter

The Battle of Fort Sumter (April 12–14, 1861) was the bombardment and surrender of Fort Sumter, near Charleston, South Carolina, that started the American Civil War. Following declarations of secession by seven Southern states, South Carolina…

Morgan’s Raid

Morgan’s Raid was a diversionary incursion by Confederate cavalry into the northern (Union) states of Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and, briefly, West Virginia, during the American Civil War.

First Battle of Bull Run

The First Battle of Bull Run, also known as First Manassas (the name used by Confederate forces), was fought on July 21, 1861, in Prince William County, Virginia, near the city of Manassas….

Battle of Wilson’s Creek

Fought on August 10, 1861, near Springfield, Missouri between Union forces and the Missouri State Guard, it is sometimes called the “Bull Run of the West.”

Battle of Shiloh

The Battle of Shiloh also known as the Battle of Pittsburg Landing, was a major battle in the Western Theater of the American Civil War, fought April 6 – 7, 1862, in southwestern Tennessee.


Union, Confederate, Presidents, to Major Personalities
of the American Civil War

Nathaniel Prentiss Banks

Born: January 30, 1816, Waltham, MA Died: September 1, 1894, Waltham, MA Speaker: James G. Blaine Battles and wars: American Civil War Place of burial: Grove Hill Cemetery, Waltham, MA Education: Harvard College Overview Of the 14 Union…

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

Born: September 8, 1828, Brewer, ME Died: February 24, 1914, Portland, ME Buried: Pine Grove Cemetery, Brunswick, ME Life A Bowdoin College professor, Joshua L. Chamberlain went to the Maine state capital to offer his…

Ambrose Powell Hill

Overview Known for his red battle shirt and his hard-hitting attacks at the head of the famed Light Division, Ambrose P. Hill proved to be an example of the Peter…

Simon Bolivar Buckner

Born: April 1, 1823, Kentucky Died: January 8, 1914, Hart County, KY Place of burial: Frankfort Cemetery, Frankfort, KY Education: United States Military Academy Children: Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr. Spouse: Delia Clairborne (m. 1885), Mary Kingsbury (m. 1850) Overview The organizer…

Clara Harlowe Barton

Born: December 25, 1821, North Oxford, Oxford, MA Died: April 12, 1912, Glen Echo, MD Education: Clinton Liberal Institute Nicknames: Clara, The Angel of the Battlefield Life The youngest of 5 children in a middle-class family,…

Jubal Anderson Early

Born: November 3, 1816, Franklin County, VA Died: March 2, 1894, Lynchburg, VA Resting place: Lynchburg Battles and wars: Seminole Wars, Mexican–American War, MORE Siblings: Richard Early, Anne Letitia Early, Robert Hairston Early, MORE Overview Always an irascible officer, Jubal A. Early…

Henry Heth

Overview Graduating at the very bottom of his 1847 class at West Point, Henry Heth served 14 years on frontier duty before resigning his infantry captaincy on April 25, 1861,…

Lewis Addison Armistead

Born: February 18, 1817, New Bern, NC Died: July 5, 1863, Gettysburg, PA Buried: Old Saint Pauls Cemetery, Baltimore, MD Battles and wars: Battle of Chapultepec, Mohave War, MORE Uncle: George Armistead Wife: Cornelia Taliaferro Jamison Overview Lewis A. Armistead…